Now that I'm officially a permanent resident in Argentina I thought the time was right to get myself a bank account here to make it easier to transfer money in and out of the country as need be. With an approved permanent residence permit it should be simple process to open a bank account, right? Well HSBC don't seem to think so...

I thought that the international banks might be more accustomed to dealing with expats so I popped into the local HSBC branch today with my passport, a copy of my residence papers and some cash to open the account with. No good I'm afraid. In addition to requiring a DNI (or evidence that you've applied for one) if you don't own property in Argentina then HSBC also require a copy of your rental agreement (in your name) and originals of at least two utility bills (also in your name) sent to the address listed in the rental contract. Since our rental contract is in my wife's name HSBC wont let me open an individual account in Argentina!

Maybe HSBC have stricter requirements than those required by law - there must be many, many people here that don't have rental contracts in their name and I'm sure that most of them have bank accounts (though I know that some people go for years without a bank account here.) Maybe I should have tried one of the local banks instead. There's no rush though so I'll try again some other time.