Locos por el Rugby

Wow, what a great place to be - underdogs Argentina beat host nation France in the opening match of Rugby World Cup 2007 and I was here watching the match live from a sports bar in Argentina.

Locos por el fútbol in Recoleta has transformed into Locos por el Rugby and in anticipation of a big crowd I reserved a table for the opening match to watch along with friends. I was expecting a close match despite the French being 8-1 favourites in the books (how can that be? - the Pumas have beaten Les Bleus several times over the last few years), and a close match it was indeed.

The atmosphere in the bar was great - there was loads of cheering and singing whenever the Pumas made a good break. The intensity of which only increased throughout the game as Argentina looked set to win the first match of competition. The last few minutes were very intense as the French came close to a last-minute victory but the Pumas prevailed and there was a roar of excitement throughout the bar as the final whistle was blown.

If anyone else is in Buenos Aires and wanting to watch some of the RWC matches live, then definitely consider Locos por el Fúbol at Vicente Lopez 2098 but make sure you reserve a table in advance if you plan on watching Argentina play.

As a kiwi I plan on seeing all the All Blacks matches too but unfortunately they're mostly on at about 8am so are probably best viewed on TV at home. I checked with Locos por el Fúbol though and they assured me that they'll be opening early over the next weeks so that even the 8am matches can be seen there live. Enjoy the rugby world cup!

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