Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires is a very special event (I assume it is in all of Argentina). Unlike in my home country, Christmas Eve seems to be the main date for Christmas celebrations and in fact December 24 is a public holiday - though shopping malls tend to stay open until 5pm for last minute Christmas shopping.

This year, like for my other Christmases in Argentina, we were invited to the inlaws' house for an Asado and drinks. I'm told this is a bit of a novelty for BsAs since not many apartments in the city come with coal-borning grills to barbeque the meat.

Asado - cordero

The kids enjoyed running around and making noise while the adults talked and consumed aperitifs as the food and grill was being prepared. This year's asado was a whole rack of lamb, carefully marinated in butter and herbs earlier in the day. We began eating at about 10:30pm and wow was it tasty! - I think maybe the best lamb I've tasted, definitely the best barbequed lamb.

We enjoyed the meal and ample beverages over the next hour or so and finished in time for the Christmas Countdown - as the clock struck midnight the corks popped off the bubbly and we all wished each other a "Felíz Navidad". Fireworks blasted off all around the city - the bigbooms echoing off the tall buildings and colours lighting up the sky.

Amazingly, Papa Noel managed to fly through the fireworks without getting hit as the kids excitedly discovered that presents had been delivered in the midst of the celebrations.

I think it was 2 or 3am before we made it home - kids back in NZ would have gone to sleep hours earlier ready to awake to Santa's presents at 6am, but our kids slept through until almost 11am after an eventful Christmas Eve.

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