Bottles of Sidra

Everyone knows that Christmas is a special time - plenty of dinners with friends and families, shops putting up decorations and holiday music, kids getting excited about their upcoming windfall, and lots of extra food and booze all around. But despite all this one thing has really caught my attention this year. Wait for it... My argentinian wife is giving up mate in the afternoons. Can this really be? She lives and dies for the stuff. What has happened?

The answer she tells me, is that it is an Argentinian tradition to drink Sidra and eat Pan dulce in the build up to Christmas. So there you go - the normally irreplaceable afternoon mate is replaced with a couple of glasses of the sparkly stuff until the festive season is over. Of course the morning mate is still in - she'd never get going in the day without that.

* For those readers unsure what I mean by "mate" - I'm talking about the Argentinan yerba-mate drink, not the other thing...

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