Well the temperature did drop for a couple of days but now it's right back up there again. No worries, it's the weekend, and time to enjoy a tasty treat.

Argentinians are very proud of a lot of things from their country and some things do tend to be a little overhyped. But one thing that really is of top quality is the icecream. It's delicious and there are so many different flavours to choose from that it can be a bit daunting going to an heladería.

Que rico helado

Freddo has a reputation as one of the top (and pricer) ice cream vendors in the capital. You can find them all over the place and in fact there are two of them along the strip of cafés next to the Cementerio Recoleta. That's where I went today to enjoy a large cone of tramontana y chocolate clásico with toppings. What did it set me back? $10 pesos which is pretty good for what you get.

Small part of the icecream menu at Freddo

Freddo's cheapest cones are $6.50 pesos but there are loads of other heladerías around with cones starting at just 3 pesos and they too have a large range of tasty helados.

Icecreams aren't just enjoyed on hot days in Buenos Aires, in fact the heladerías seem to do much of their business in the evenings as couples and families go for a walk outside after dinner. If you're visiting Buenos Aires then make sure you do the same!

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Ignacio said "Really tasty ice cream" on 26-Jan-2008,
Freddo is alright, but definitely not on top of my list.
My pick for best ice cream (in the world!) is Munchi's.
Riviera is also of highest quality (E. Adrogué 1180, Adrogué).
Cadore is very popular for their "Dulce de leche" too (Av. Corrientes 1695).
Regardless of the place, "Dulce de leche granizado" is a must :-)