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With another scorcher today (reaching over 38 degrees with a sensación térmica of up to 42 degrees), Buenos Aires was not the most pleasant place to be.

I try to avoid cooling the apartment too often but when temperatures are that hot you don't have much choice. Around the city air conditioners are working overtime this week and more and more people without them are having them installed in their apartments. So many in fact that air conditioner venders and installers can't keep up with the demand (see article by La Nacion in Spanish).

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In another article by La Nacion, mention is made of how close the city is to overloading its electrical system. Demand peaked today at 17.7 gigawatts and analysts predict that the system will be at risk at levels of 18 gigawatts. I Assume this is the main reason why Argentina hurriedly decided to implement a change to summer time a couple of weeks back - having people start and finish work an hour earlier could cut down on daytime air-conditioning needs.

Brownouts of some suburbs occured back in the winter as electricity use surged for heating and it seems that a similar event is dangerously close to happening in the summer aswell. It's a bit surprising though, since it feels like half of the population of Buenos Aires has left the city and headed to the coast over January. If they were all back here in Buenos Aires then there would really be a problem.

Visit the Servicio Meterológico Nacional for up-to-date temperatures and forecasts in Argentina.

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