One place high on the list of tourist must-sees in Buenos Aires is Caminito in the barrio of La Boca. Caminito is a colourful jewel in the middle of what is otherwise a fairly rundown neighbourhood.

Caminito Tango

It is said that the patchwork of colours on the buildings resulted from the poor Italian immigrants of the 19th century using whatever materials and paints they could afford to build their homes.

Colourful Caminito

Buildings throughout La Boca were once constructed with a mixture of paints and styles but many were replaced with concrete buildings as time went on. Seeing a need to preserve the history of the area, the famous Argentinian painter Benito Quinquela Martín created Caminito in 1959 from remnants of the original immigrant conventillos and spruced them up to show off the vivid chroma that was once widespread in the area.

Caminito means "little walk" or "little path" in Spanish and Quinquela Martín chose this fitting name for the street in honour of a tango by the same name written in the early 1900's by fellow La Boca resident Juan de Dios Filiberto.

Tango at Café La Rueda

Today many tourists visit Caminito to view the colourful buildings and admire the work of the numerous artists that make this area their home. You can't leave Buenos Aires without buying an authentic painting of the city and there are plenty to choose from as you walk along La Boca's most famous street.

Afterwards, relax in one of the nearby cafés and enjoy a cold drink while watching live tango dancers perform in front of your table. If you're lucky (and bold) you may even be asked to join in!

Although some say it is too touristy, Caminito really does have a unique feel and is well worth a visit for every traveller to Buenos Aires.

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Jules said on 25-Jan-2008,
It's very pretty- I'd love to go there one day!
Pablo said "Outlets in Buenos Aires" on 25-Jan-2008,
Wonderful pictures. Buenos Aires is the hottest city to visit.
alyak said on 13-Nov-2012,
i love their colors!