Empanadas, I love them. They're tasty, convenient, come in lots of flavours and can be delivered to your apartment at almost any time of day or night.

Normally we order from El Noble Repulgue - one of the more famous empanada chains in the city and one of favourites. But last night we thought we'd try something different and went for a more artesenal style. La Aguada (Billinghurst 1862) was the answer - they're a restaurant with cocina regional, or regional food.

Empanadas de la Aguada

We ordered a selection of their empanadas especiales such as the Albahaca (basel, mozzarella, tomates and black olives), Tambo (8 types of cheese including roquefort) and De la Huerta de Andres (8 different vegetables mixed in a fresh herb sauce). Delicious! They seemed more authentic and probably healthier than the Noble's deep-fried empanadas.

I see from the menu card they left us that La Aguada can also deliver a selection of other traditional and regional foods like Locro, Carbonada and Mondongo so I'll have to give them a try some day too. Or better yet maybe I'll make a trip down to their establishment and soak up some of the atmosphere aswell.

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Rob said "Love empanadas" on 29-Jun-2008,
Thanks for this article, I loved the patisseries in Buenos Aires that have a great range of bread, cakes, even chocolates and of course empanadas. A hot empanada con pollo or con jamon was a great way to start the day.

I noticed that further north on the South American continent, in Colombia, the empanadas were deep fried and while they were ok I think the Argintinean ones were much better. Keep up the great blogging!
Malini said on 14-Oct-2009,
hey we call this Samosa in india! very tasty one..:-) you have an interesting blog here
clickArgentina said on 14-Oct-2009,
Hi Malini -

Yes, empanadas are a little bit like samosas. But empanadas can be baked or fried and come with a variety of different fillings (meat, vegetarian, ham and cheese, corn and cheese, etc.)

They're a bit like Cornish pasties too but are smaller, have different flavours and I think the pastry is a bit different too.

One of the great things about empanadas in Argentina is that you can have them delivered to your house, just like what happens with pizza in other countries.
Graciela said "Learn how to prepare empanadas!" on 25-Oct-2009,
If you would like to learn how to prepare traditional Argentina empanadas, I will be happy to send you the recipe that my mother covers at her cooking classes of empanadas Argentinas that she gives in a town called Adrogue.
Adrogue is about 40 minutes from la estacion Constitucion so it is not that far and I promise she makes amazing empanadas!
Michael Billett said "Empandas are Found All over Latin America" on 29-Jul-2010,
Dear Friends,
as an ex pat.(Argentine) living for over 16 years in São Paulo, Brasil ,I must say that Empanadas aren't found in many places in this huge city,but as a producer of the "real" Argentine Empanada , I can say that its always welcomed at any time of the day or night , so if you come to São Paulo give me a call and I'll send you an Empanada .
Best Regards,
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