There's a place I walked past loads of times during the winter but never stopped by. It's a tiny juice bar called Pura Vida, located at Uriburu 1489 between Peña and French.

Drinking fresh juice sounded like a refreshingly nice idea on a day like today so I thought it was time to give it a go and wandered over to see what they have on offer.

It's very small inside but has a nice ambiance with a bit of a reggae feel. I squeezed past some people to have a look at the menu; There's so much to choose from... Licuados Pura Vida, Licuados Lacteos, Licuados Poderosos, Jugos, Limonadas - those are just some of the categories.

I tried a Proteina Pura Vida with a mix of interesting ingredients including maca (a plant from the Andes) and spirulina (supposedly consumed by the Aztecs), while my daughter tried a Tango Tropical with pineapple, strawberry, banana, papaya and orange juice. They were both very tasty and just what was needed for a hot day!

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Shaun said on 20-Jan-2008,
How much did they cost?
click Argentina said "Pura Vida prices" on 20-Jan-2008,
Most of the juices and milkshakes cost 6.50/7.50/8.50 pesos for small/medium/large but the lucuados poderosos cost about 4 pesos more. (Prices as of Jan 2008)