As you read a couple of days ago, I really love Argentinian empanadas. "Maybe we can make them ourselves," I thought after our last delivery, and that's exactly what we did yesterday.

I've documented the full process in an article about making empanadas, but in the meantime, here's a photo of the end result!

Did they work? Were they tasty? You bet! If you've got the time you should give it a go yourself.

You might have problems finding the right pastry though if you don't live in Argentina. You really want pastry that's similar to that used for meat pies but slightly more bread-like (i.e. not pastry that puffs up a lot when cooked.) Also you'll need to cut the pastry into circles that are about 10 to 15cm in diameter (ok, make it 12.5cm! That's just under 5 inches for those of you up north).

Empanadas up close

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sofia said on 26-May-2009,
me encantan esas empanadas pero no soy de alla soy de venezuela y mi mama las hace igualitas.
clickArgentina said on 27-May-2009,
Eso es interesante sofia. En venezuela se puede comprar empanadas con envio a casa?
laura said "Empanadas" on 29-Jul-2010,
Love the autheticity of your empanadas. I was born in Argentina and raised here in the US. I'm having company over and wanted to make something different. So I wanted to try to make Empanadas. I've been ahving a difficult time finding the pastry disks. Where did you find yours? I went to a Mexican super market. They were OK. Then I tried Peppridge Farms. They were too flaky. It's hard to find the pastry disks.
Please help.
clickArgentina said on 29-Jul-2010,
Hi Laura, these empanadas were made while in Argentina so I just bought the tapas from the supermarket. I've made empanadas away from Argentina too and used "short pastry" which worked pretty well (but not quite the same).
David Phillips said "Cruel and unusual punishment" on 21-Aug-2010,
I haven't had an empanada sense I lived in Argentina decades ago, and yet seeing the pictures alone in this article made me wish I could have one... which, sadly, even if there was one in front of me now, if I stick to my doctor's order, I wouldn't be able to eat it.
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