While visiting Las Cataratas for a couple of days in May I was amazed at the natural beauty and immenseness of the place. But the falls weren't the only things that caught my attention; Away from the water there were all sorts of butterflies frolicking in the sun - small butterflies, large butterflies, colourful butterflies - they all seems to be playing together in the warm, humid air.

Mariposas de IguazúAfter my trip I decided to look up some info on Iguazú's climate and diverse wildlife, specifically about the spectacular butterflies of the region. While there was no shortage of information about some of the animals such as coatís, jaguars, tapirs, anteaters and many of the birds of the region, when it came to butterflies I had trouble finding anything other than photos. One book looked promising (Mariposas de Misiones by Gustavo R. Canals), but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be stocked by any of the major sellers.

So, I decided to take a visit to the Casa de Misiones[1] - Misiones province's official tourism office in Buenos Aires. They had loads of information and nice pamplets about places to visit in Misiones including prices and details on how to get from one place to another but once again, there was not much about the butterflies of the province. However they assured me that Güirá Oga[2] nature centre near Puerto Iguazú would be able to help me. Since I'm not likely to be back in Misiones until sometime next year, all I can leave you for now are these nice images of some of the Mariposas de Misiones.

butterfly 1 butterfly 2
© ricardo martins
[1] Casa de Misiones
Av. Santa Fe 989
Buenos Aires
tel. 4393-1812
[2] Güirá Oga
(Rehabilitation centre for animals of the Iguazú National Park)
Ruta Nacional 12
kilómetro 5
3370 Puerto Iguazú
tel. +54 (0)3757 15 465011

Published 26-Aug-2007

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