Well this article should really be called Internet access in Buenos Aires but I assume that much applies to other metropolitan areas of the country. For further discussions on argentina internet access, try the forums.

Using internet while on holiday in Buenos Aires

You're really spoilt for choices when it comes to finding internet cafés in Buenos Aires - there are literally hundred's of them scattered throughout the city, though they vary a bit in quality and size.

Speed is generally pretty good - definitely fine for reading and writing emails back home. Many of the internet cafés (Locutorios as they are called in Argentina) fill up during peak times like early evening when the locals have finished work.

Where? - pretty much on every block in central Buenos Aires. Just look for stores with the sign Locutorio outside.

How much? - internet access (as of December 2007) is typically only about 1 or 2 pesos per hour.

Wireless hotspots in Buenos Aires

The number of spots where you can browse the web with your laptop has increased substantially in recent months, though you are mostly limited to cafés, hotels and some bars. If you're lucky then you'll be able to connect to a hotspot from the balcony of your hotel or apartment though the connection might be a bit unreliable from up there.

Recommendations? - Tea Connection (corner of Uriburu and Pacheco de Melo in Barrio Norte) has over 20 types of natural tea to enjoy and seems to be full of laptop yielding yuppies for much of the day.

Broadband internet for apartments in Buenos Aires

If you're living within Capital Federal then chances are there is already a cable connection to your apartment block so getting broadband access should be quick and cheap. In practice though I've found it can take one or two weeks before the cable company bother coming around to setup your connection.

There are a range of companies, contracts and speeds to chose from and as in much of the world, broadband prices are rapidly decreasing. I pay about 50 pesos/month for a 512Kb connection with Fibertel but see that there are currently introductory specials of just 24 pesos/month for a 3Mb line so it pays to shop around for the best deal of the moment.

Published 19-Dec-2007

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