There is a great way for people with time on their hands to experience Argentina in the fullest. By joining a volunteer programme you can improve your Spanish and make life-long friends while helping to improve the lives of people living in less favourable conditions.

Many of the country's Spanish language schools can help you to find volunteer work once you join their classes. This is a great way to put the theory of Spanish lessons into immediate practice. And practice makes perfect as the saying goes - especially when it comes to learning a foreign language.

But away from the language schools there are plenty of other organisations prepared to help you find volunteering oppurtunities in Argentina and other parts of South America. Some of the organisations charge a small fee to find a good match for your skills and preferred location but others are willing to perform this service for free.

Don't expect to be offered free board and food for volunteer work, but you will probably be able to reduce your travel expenses somewhat through the connections you'll make and of course the fact that you'll be spending your time working with real people rather than spending your money on expensive tours and activities.

Here is a list of some of the organisations that may help you find a volunteering position:

Published 17-Feb-2008