A visit to the Supermarket

The main difference with Argentinian supermarkets is the selection of groceries on offer. The many colourful packets of yerba-mate are one product that stand out as being a bit different.

Fire in barrio Once

There was big news in Buenos Aires today - a fire started in a building in barrio Once, forcing the closure of several blocks of streets as over 80 firefighters struggled to control the blaze.

Planetario Galileo Galilei

If you're in Buenos Aires and disappointed that you can't see the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere then why not plan a visit to the Planetario de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires in the Palermo parks area.

Caminando en Caminito

One place high on the list of tourist must-sees in Buenos Aires is colourful Caminito in the barrio of La Boca. Go and browse the local artist's wares and catch a live tango performance on the street.

Fresh juice with a difference

There's a juice bar I used to walk past in the winter. With today's hot weather fresh juice sounded refreshingly nice so I thought it was time to give it a go and wandered over to see what they have on offer.

More empanadas, this time mine!

As you read a couple of days ago, I really love empanadas. After the last home delivery I thought, "why not try making them myself?" Well, that's exactly what I did...

Empanadas de la Aguada

Empanadas, I love them. They're tasty, convenient, come in lots of flavours and can be delivered to your apartment at almost any time of day or night. Last night we thought we'd try some regional empanadas especiales from La Aguada.

Air-condition me

With another scorcher today (reaching over 38 degrees), Buenos Aires was not the most pleasant place to be. Air conditioners are working overtime and putting strain on the country's electrical system.

Visting Recoleta cemetery

For those of you not familiar with Buenos Aires, the idea of visiting a cemetery might sound a bit dull. But the Cementerio Recoleta is not just any old cemetery. It has a spectacular array of glorious tombs and monuments from the rich and famous of Argentina's past.

Helado argentino - what could be better for a hot day?

Argentinians are very proud of a lot of things from their country and some things do tend to be a little overhyped. But one thing that really is of top quality is the icecream. It's delicious and there are so many different flavours to choose from that it can be a bit daunting going to an heladería.

Qué calor!

There was a bit of a storm last night which I thought would help cool the temperature down today but we're right back up in the 30's again.


Amazingly, despite 37 degree celcius temperatures outside today I was almost shaking with cold for much of the morning. Talk about an over-airconditioned bus!

Another new year

Another new year has come and for me, another new year's eve location has been added to the list. Last year's new year's eve (uhm, 2006-2007) was a fairly unusual one but this year's event was much more enjoyable.

Rising temperatures

It seems to be pretty typical for this time of year - temperatures have been steadily rising over the last few days and it looks like Buenos Aires will be a concrete furnace over the New Year period.

Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires

Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires is a very special event. Unlike in my home country, December 24 seems to be the main date for Christmas celebrations and this year we were invited over for a Christmas Asado and drinks.

Playing fútbol with the locals

As everyone knows, Argentinians are passionate about their football. Even someone who "hasn't played for ages" still has some fancy footwork and can make their way around the pitch at ease so when a friend invited me along to play a social match with him and some amigos the other night, I lept at the chance.

Out with the mate (well sort-of)

Everyone knows that Christmas is a special time but one thing has really caught my attention this year. Wait for it... My argentinian wife is giving up mate in the afternoons.

Tienda de Curiosidades

I was wandering along in downtown Buenos Aires today and came across this colourful shop at the corner of Santa Fe and Suipacha called Tienda de Curiosidades

Amazing atmosphere - Argentina beat France in RWC opening match

Wow, what a great place to be - underdogs Argentina beat host nation France in the opening match of Rugby World Cup 2007 and I was here watching the match live from a sports bar in Argentina.

Getting a bank account - not so easy?

Now that I'm officially a permanent resident in Argentina I thought the time was right to get myself a bank account here to make it easier to transfer money in and out of the country as need be. With an approved permanent residence permit it should be simple process to open a bank account, right? Well HSBC don't seem to think so...

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