Corrientes province is situated in the northeast of Argentina, bordering Paraguay to the north, Misiones province to the northeast and Uruguay to the east. The capital of the province, also called Corrientes, was founded in the late 16th century. Like in neighbouring Misiones, the Jesuits built a number of missions in the north of the province with the aim of evangelising the Guaraní indians.

The subtropical climate of the province, with heavy rains, warm temperatures and little seasonal variation means the conditions are ideal for growing yerba mate, a plant which is drunk like tea and very popular in Argentina and some neighbouring countries. Corrientes and Misiones provinces are the largest producers of mate in Argentina.

Esteros del Ibera is a nature reserve located within the province of Corrientes. The swampy wetlands are home to a huge variety of fauna and flora, making the reserve a favourite for birdwatchers and naturalists.

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